Reforming Florida’s Criminal Justice System

Florida’s criminal justice system has been neglected for years. With one of the largest prison populations and worst recidivism rates in the country, Florida taxpayers are paying more and more every year for worse outcomes. We need to look to states like Texas, which has reformed its criminal justice system to correct, punish, and rehabilitate those who have committed a crime while closing prisons in the process.

We’ve seen success in criminal justice reform all around the country. One study from the Urban Institute found that 17 states which invested into reducing their prison populations booked as much as $4.6 billion in savings for the long term. It’s time for Florida to join them.

This year, Jeff Brandes is assembling a “Criminal Justice Taskforce” to commit to a complete review of Florida’s criminal justice system and develop programs that benefit our communities, not hold them back. Senator Brandes has already begun to lead these reform efforts by filing a critical ‘Driver’s License Suspension’ bill that will prohibit driver’s license suspensions for non-motor vehicle related incidents.

We have a lot of work to do reforming criminal justice in Florida, but Jeff Brandes is ready to start. Show your support by filling out the form below and telling the rest of the legislature that you stand with Senator Brandes.